Thursday, March 17, 2011

On Impermanence and Work

Nothing is eternal, that much I know. I could never call myself a decent Buddhist otherwise... But, there was still so much frustration on realizing that all my hard work today will, in the big picture of things, amount to nothing. No, my endevors to catagorize and organize the back-stock will mean nothing by the time of our Inspection since by next week, it will be in a mess from trying to find things. Who thought it a good idea to try and fit five boxes of swimsuits in two little places-- organized by design, color, cut, and arrangement on shelf?!

No, nothing is eternal... if only I could accept that.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Introduction

As I sit here with my cup of English Afternoon Tea, I wonder just what it is I expect to write about here. I'm not really an interesting person by nature and I haven't found myself in any life shattering and/or memorable situations as of late, worth telling about. This isn't my first blog and it probably won't be my last either, as I have a habit of starting a new one / abandoning an old one when ideas run dry. So, that only leads me to wonder what I can possibly have to say to anyone out there...

If there is indeed anyone out there...

Other than the figments of my wild imagination, I mean.